Monday, March 28, 2011

Ten days late, Obama tries to explain

Like many people, tonight I did something I don't do very often, I watched Obama speak.  I don't normally listen to Obama's speeches.  Why bother, every word, move and gesture will be plastered all over the Internet within minutes of him finishing.  Tonight was a little bit different, ten days ago the President interrupted his Brazilian vacation just long enough to tell a Brazilian audience he'd taken America to war. Then he went back to playing soccer with the kids. Tonight, ten days later he was finially going to tell us why.

I was hoping that since he was back in the United States, tonight he might explain why taking the country to war was not a good enough reason to postpone his vacation.  Needless to say I was disappointed.

I also thought he might touch on why he didn't think it was necessary to get Congressional approval..  he closest he came to that was to say he'd consulted with Congressional Leaders.  Judging from the letter House Majority John Boehner sent the President, he doesn't feel there was much of a consultation.  The Presidents very liberal interpretation of the Constitution and the War Powers Act was not mentioned

The President did talk about how he'd taken the lead in getting the UN Mandate, Resolution 1973 through the UN Security Council...  He forgot to mention the mandate isn't a mandate at all, but a resolution that authorises, not mandates a No Fly Zone over Libya.  He talked about all our NATO Allies, mentioning several by name.  There were several like Germany he didn't mention, because they are refusing to take part.

He justified his haste, and indirectly not addressing either Congress or the American People beforehand this way.

"We knew that if we waited one more day, Benghazi -- a city nearly the size of Charlotte -- could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world," Obama said. "It was not in our national interest to let that happen. I refused to let that happen. And so nine days ago, after consulting the bipartisan leadership of Congress, I authorized military action to stop the killing."

He likes the words,  I and Me

He didn't have time to tell Congress or the American People, but he had time to push a resolution through the UN Security Council,  put together a coalition, deploy Naval Forces and go on vacation.

I'll give him credit for the humanitarian reasoning, Gaddadfi is a monstrous, murdering Son of a Bitch who might very well have slaughtered thousands of his own people to make a point.  Gaddadfi is a terrorist, he has attacked and killed Americans, blown up aircraft and butchered his own people.  In spite of all that we're not out to kill the SOB or even remove him from power, according to Obama.  Killing his grunts is acceptable, most of them are probably draftees so they don't count.

Obama also seems to have a strange idea when the use of force for humanitarian reasons is dictated,, it's all contingent on some abstract idea of American National Interests.   According to Obama, we have no National Interests when it comes to bombing the stuffing's out of other dictators, who like Gaddadfi kill there own people.. so mass muders in Africa are not a big humanatarian issue

Our national interest in Libya is a Gaddadfi Massacre there would cause a flood of refugees into Egypt an Tunisia.... I guess that could upset the Arab Botherhood's plans for democracy in those countries..

I was going to embed a video of Obama's speech here at the end..  But Sarah Palin has some comments about the Presidents speech.  She makes more sense...

For anyone wishing to hear the President, Click Here


  1. Just spotted this on USAT
    11:45 PM on March 28, 2011

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    "Why invade Iraq and not North Korea or Burma? Why intervene in Bosnia and not Darfur?"
    Barrack Obama

  2. The "rebels" in Lybia have already established a new central bank:

  3. Grumpy, I was unable to listen to the President last night as my son called me from San Antonio at 7:35. As I spoke with him for a half hour about his day in A School I watched the President muted on the TV. It was the right decision. I ended the call at peace and when I hung up, the President was gone from the TV screen. I turned off the TV and walked around my home missing my boy(s). My oldest was at a US Navy Band performance last night in Buffalo. Given the choice between listening to President Obama and thinking about, or speaking to my kids? Not even close...

    Thanks for the post - but I have no interest in listening to his speech as it was written by people who had ten days to poll and figure out 'Why' the President did what he did. He should have told us from Latin American WHEN he did it what the rationale was then. I'd also suggest that he should have postponed his trip, but he's working so hard he really needs his vacations. Leadership is so hard.

  4. Lewis, wouldn't be in any rush to buy their reserve notes.. That's amazing, no government, no territory they can reasonably claim as secure but they have a Federal Reserve.

    Moos, your kids are more improtant than anything the "Chosen One" has to say.

    Announcing that he's taken the Country into a war right after he went on vacation in another country is a new low for American Presidents.

  5. I watched the Smurfs with my grandson. Poppa Smurf seems to have a better grip on reality than barry.

  6. The kenyan could say that Al-qaeda is really an offshoot of Disney and we're all friends now and Oprah and her posse would be on board.
    Slap the kid around and send him back to kenya with his golf clubs and let the big boys kick some terrorist,(that's right, I said it), tail!!

  7. I miss the Smurfs, this Sonic X stuff and Pokemon crap is awful.

  8. MP - They and the Flintstones are on Boomerang and sometimes the Cartoon Network. Sure beats National Public Television and msnbc.

  9. I bet Obama practiced every move down to the last second. Everything was so damn theatrical. The man is a farce.

  10. Good evening USMC,

    My grandson is now into Ben 10 Alien Force. Ben 10 this and Ben 10 that.

  11. Let's just take "The Grand Tour" and invade them all. Especially those pesky Canadians.

    SOL Brother Bob

  12. I watched the Smurfs with my grandson. Poppa Smurf seems to have a better grip on reality than barry'
    you mean mcconell and bonner

  13. anon - No, I meant the smurfs. Wiley coyote does remind me a lot of the varmint though.

  14. Good morning puma. I have yet to see that one, but I do join my grandson when he watches some of the classics.

  15. Puma; You've got something there, he looks rehearsed.. every movement and guesture. Bush, even Clinton certainly Bush Senior and Regaen had looked real when they spoke. Obama looks like he's acting.


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