Tuesday, March 8, 2011

President Obama's Report Card

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the Wisconsin Teachers Strike, Public Sector Unions, and the Price of Gasoline at the pump. 

But if we're going to honest with each other, we really ought to 'Look to the top' to find out why things ARE the way 'They Are' in America today.  Eight years of media focus on GW Bush taught me this. 

Leadership is hard.  Especially when it's not only the opposition who is judging your performance.

Check out this link:  The Obama Report Card

I'll be offline for a while, my son's graduation from US Navy Boot Camp is Friday -- I be gone!

Have a great week in the meantime!


  1. I concur. Also very high marks on "Divisive".

  2. Have a great time Mike and take lots of photos.

  3. ID GIVE OBAMA A D FOR RHETERIC ALSO. its getting very old.

    CONGRATUATIONS on your sons graduation from the navy. semper fi!! oded

  4. Moos - Don't you mean "Shoving Off". or "Going Ashore". Just be sure to memorize your Port/Starboard, Fore/Aft, and Topside/Below. You can't tell the sailors without knowing the lingo. Aye Aye Sir job well done.

  5. Aways good to see the Lady Cat, with or without her assult rifle..

    Congratulations Moos, Well Done......... Sir..

    The Marine has a point, by now your son has forgotten words like Left and Right, Up and Down or In Front and behind.

  6. Congratulations!! Pops must be proud.

  7. Congrats from a Son of A Son of A Sailor!


  8. Congratulations!
    Barry gets an F in speech. Er is not a word.

  9. Congratulation to all those with children who are serving. I know how proud you-all are. Even if it's your kids that are getting it done and not you.

    OBTW M is ending his tour in Kunsan we are excited about his return.

    And the President it doing a terrific job. It must be what is making all you conservs crazy.

  10. AG - No anger or craziness. After the euphoria of November, I am still in celebration mode.

  11. AG is your going to be geting out or does he hav a ways to go?

    Also. I see less ihan 100 High Schools are willing to have Obama at this years graduation, down from 1000's last year.. Yep he's doing great.

  12. Congrats to your son...certainly an achievement.

    If we consider that Obama is on course to make Jimmy Carter look like a winner...then he is doing great.

    His continued Greatness will finally put this country in the right direction.

  13. M is only getting back from his first overseas duty tour. Next duty station is here in the states. Eglin I believe so it will only be a day trip to go and see him.


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