Sunday, March 27, 2011

Locked up by Biden

It's Sunday night, and I was looking for some information about the Coffee Party.  The liberal attempt to counter the TEA Party movement.  After months of hearing nothing about the organization, it finally made the news again. It's a failure, the let's pretend grassroots groups was so top heavy with would be leaders it collapased under it's own weight.  The only reason I care is because of the varmints.   Progressive Liberal Critters, who routinely spam this website.  They claimed to be charter members when the Coffee Party started. The Coffee Party can wait.  While I was looking this headline caught my eye, it looked more interesting than liberal hate spammers.

Smilin' Joe in Florida
Biden staffer shuts reporter in a closet during a fundraiser. By Holly Bailey

"President Obama has repeatedly bragged that his White House is the most "open" administration in decades in terms of disclosure.

But in what looks like an embarrassing exception to that talking point, an aide to Vice President Joe Biden shut a reporter in a storage closet last week to keep him from talking to donors at a Florida fundraiser that Biden headlined last week" . Read The Rest

As you know if you read the story the reporter works for the Orlando Sentinel, I figured I'd verify everything right from them, on the way I got sidetracked.. Tampa Bay Online was also running the story, but with a new twist. Adam Smith was the lone pool reporter for a later event at a Tampa Embassy Suites, he was locked in a closet but was kept "Stored the lobby during the preliminaries." then escorted to a single chair cordoned of in a corner so he wouldn't be able to talk to guests.

Back to Orlando and the little mention they put in their paper "Waiting for Joe and Bill". According to them Scott Powers, was sent over to the Winter Park home of Alan Ginsburg this morning as the designated “pool reporter”. Powers for Bill Nelson fundraiser with Joe Biden.  He was probably looking forward to an afternoon of conversation with the rich and famous, as well as some good snacks. With a $500 minimum donation, the food should be good.  Powers never got to find out.

Instead of getting to mingle, sneak a few snacks and talk to rich donors, Powers was confined to a storage closet with a guard outside the door.

Powers emailed this picture of his holding cell at the Ginsburg Mansion, to the Orlando Sentinel.

Powers reports both Joe Biden and Alan Ginsburg have apologized for the incident.  That's easy to do after the fact, and Joe Biden's had plenty of practise. I haven't heard any mention of the staffer being disciplined for the incident.

You also have to wonder who was at these events, the Vice President who claims to be the most open and transparent VP in history, didn't want the reporters to see.


  1. The press likes the abuse, otherwise this would be front page stuff.
    Another victim of the "man"

  2. And joe was supposed to lend international expertise to the ticket. Hmmm, barry would handle the domestic economic agenda and joe would deal with foreign affairs. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

  3. Joe is adding internationam expertise... Isn't that more or less the way Egypt was dealing with reporters during the recent uprisings.


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