Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats and Unions

Two thoughts on the Wisconsin debacle:

The media would like us to believe that Wisconsin Democrats and public employee unions are replaying Cairo in Madison. One big difference: the protesters in Egypt are pro-democracy, while the Wisconsin Democrats and unions are anti-democracy. How else can you define their trying to prevent a vote in the legislature (including state senate Democrats literally running away from their constitutional duty)?

The teachers’ union is one of the public employee unions going on strike in Wisconsin. The graduation rate in Milwaukee public schools is 46 percent. The African-American graduation rate in those same schools is 34 percent. Shouldn’t Wisconsin citizens be going on strike against the teachers’ union? Better yet, as their employers, shouldn't Wisconsin citizens fire them?


  1. In 41 of 50 states the public sector employees earn more than their counterparts in the private sector. (Wisconsin being one.) What is wrong with this scenario?


  2. How about firing the students?

  3. The unions would also like to have us believe that they're the only thing protecting Middle Class Working Americans from the Evil Greedy Corporations.

    First of all, only 13 percent of working Americans are Union Members, most of the rest want no part of being unionized. In Wisconsin and several other states this fight isn't to try and force a corporation to give employees a larger share of it's profits. In Wisconsin it's about trying to force the 87% of America's Working Middle Class to give part of their grocery and utility money to union members.

  4. Unions workers have been the pawns of the socialists since the Viet Nam war. But that's okay because they get great benefits.

  5. I am seeing the dems/libs kind of gave up on that civility thing. I guess it was "Do as I say NOT as I do".


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