Sunday, March 20, 2011

Couple friendly websites

A few day ago I added three new websites to the list on the right side of the page.

The first is Practical State. I bumped into them because one of the contributors, "Umpire" has very similar views to mine, and Sandra's on Florida Education Reform and Standardized Testing.  The Florida based site has three authors Umpire, Bloggybayou and Big Gator, all three are pretty good writers with opinions worth reading and thinking about.  Overall Practical State is TEA Party oriented, but from what I've seen so far, the writers, except for Umpire could be a little more critical of the GOP than they are.

Couple weeks ago on another site a commenter mentioned going in the Army in "66.  For some reason I replied that I'd taken Basic at Fort Jackson's Tent City in the winter of '66.  Tom Mack was there a month ahead of me, I paid a visit to his website. Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead   Bob has a respect for the self reliance, individualism and independent spirit that built America, and gave us some of our favorite pioneer legends.  You remember, the guys who lived before the days of ADHD medications.  It will take you about two seconds to figure out Davy Crockett was his favorite.  Bob also has another hero, a guy a friend of his knew in Vietnam, he has a special page dedicated to the memory of Donald Ray “Skeeter” Johnston   .  I'd suggest everyone pay both Bob and Skeeter a visit.

Without wanting to offend anyone I mentioned on the other two sites, I think I saved the best for last. Get  any stereotyped image of a young, independent, outspoken, successful New York City liberal feminist out of your mind.  Puma, actually Denise and better know as "D" is as liberal as Sarah Palin and damn near as outspoken.  Her Website Pumabydesign has a  MISSION STATEMENT page, (Yep; all caps and for a reason).  She might believe in the Equal Rights Amendment, but like Palin, she doesn't need or rely on it. 

Another thing I like about posting on "D"s, she is really good about replying to comments and encouraging conversation

I don't know how she'd do hunting moose or varmints in Alaska, but God help the NYC thug who makes the mistake of messing with her children or grandchildren.  That poor SOB's only hope will be God or NYC's Mayor (who thinks he's God).  Speaking of Bloomburg, there have been indications he's not content with being NYC's would be dictator in chief.  Denise has promised to fight any ambitions he might have, her website is active enough she'll have an impact, but she might need some help.

Captain Black Eagle, if there is anyone East of the Hudson who really believes in TEA Party ideals, you just met her.

I'd also like to thank the recent commenter's and contributors from USAT.  Realitycheck4Eve is a terrific source of information.  Lefty, Oded, Boobed Warrior, Who One, Alphamom (marianne), Mare and One Term are all intellegent and well thought out people who express themselves well.  I really appreciate their input.





  1. Thanks for the linkback, Grumpy. Much appreciated. I didn't know Skeeter personally. He was a buddy of Tom's, an old pal of mine who left for RVN the day after I got back. Tom was awarded the Bronze Star/V & Purple Heart for actions in the Cav's fight at LZ White. We reconnected last year & he sent me the photos, the Sitrep on the NVA attack & Skeeter's MOH citation. John Cole, another 1/8 Cav friend of Skeeter's supplied the headstone photo.

  2. Sorry I got that wrong Bob, it's fixed..


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