Sunday, March 13, 2011

Banned from commenting

Comments  from IP # Address will no longer be allowed and will be removed on sight.

On this Website,  IP Address 24. 110.10.175 as been involved in Hijacking and Misusing the Name and Avatar of Members, Personal Attacks, Numerous Spamming events, Race Baiting, The Excessive Use of Profane and Obscene Langauge.

On this website, IP 24. 110.10.175 normally posts as Anonymous, although he has hijacked members names in the past, if anyone notices what appears to be a regular commentor posting comments that do not sound like that person please notify me.
Today I'm Grumpy About is a private website, comments and posters that in my judgement are inappropriate, off topic, disruptive, offensive or spam will be removed.  Repeated offenses will be grounds for banning, if in my judgement the offenses are intentional, and posted for the purpose of interfering with the operation of the site, or if in my opinion they interfer with other posters enjoyment of the website.


  1. What was it Sheree said about allowing the poster mentioned her blog because

    "It might be about the hits'


  2. Grumpy - I get the distinct impression that varmint/cayote, fatlady, dbfla, woofie, sidonogood, no-tea, etal does not like us. I did see that fatlady did get banned on FT. It must have been something he/she/it said. The new censors must have gotten fed up with its BS, personal attacks, and hate speech.

  3. Yeah I saw the all caps comment on Sheree's about not needing any help from those evil tea parties.. Guess to some, the left-right thing is more important than the kids or the right or wrong of the situation..

    Had to love her "Maybe it's about the hits" comment. I'm inclined to perfer quality hits and comments over quantities of low quality comments.

  4. Wow that dude has way too much time on his hands. Same copy and paste over and over. I think he needs to get off the government boobie and get a job.

  5. You've met him before, near as I can figure, this time he's on a rampage because I happened to point out to Sheree, the Tally proposals aren't as much of a left right issue as a right wrong issue. Yeah, and I mentioned if it wasn't for Obama, Tally wouldn't have the RT3 money to play with.


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