Monday, February 21, 2011

If you'd be interested...

My latest post I have deemed too controversial for "Today I'm Grumpy About" and "Right Turn Forever", so if you'd be interested in seeing it (although I do warn you; it is controversial), you may read it here. The title is "Glenn Beck Blows it on a Personal Level" and it's a review of his and Dr. Keith Ablow's book, "The 7 Wonders That Will Change Your Life".

Fair Warning: If you don't like controversy, don't like comments about religion, don't visit the link.


  1. SCC; I'm going to offer my personal opinion on a couple things.

    First, I rarely FOX, or televsion for that matter and I don't listen to Talk Radio. That leaves me in no position to decide for myself what religious beliefs Beck might or might not have. If I did know what his beliefs were, I don't feel myself qualified on any level to judge another persons belief in God.

    Even though I don't follow Beck personally, I have to give him credit for explaining the insanity that is Washington DC in a way that he average American can understand.

  2. I cannot say definitively one way or another, no one can. It is called faith.
    South Park had an hystericalk parody where everyone was asking which religion got it right and it was the Mormons.
    Glenn Beck and I disagree on religion but I graetly admire his taking on the Soros evil empire.

  3. Other than my hatred for Islamic Terrorists, and stance for Pro Life, I try to avoid religious topics. Too many extremists out there on both sides. I would hate to be considered inciteful.

  4. Grumpyelder,

    As I said in my posting, I still believe Beck gets it right when it comes to the Soros/Commie/Socialist/union stuff. I don't have a problem following his ideas on that.

    I did not judge Beck's belief in GOD. I questioned his religion's teachings and I questioned whether he believes in the SAME GOD as I. There's a difference. (See my posting response at Right Turn Forever.)

    When it comes to his religious beliefs -- those he espoused in his book as well as the only reasonable explanation for the portion of the book I referenced -- I believe that he firmly believes in his religion. It is a sincere, genuine, heartfelt belief. I believe he believes.

    His religion teaches a false premise, that's the thing I commented on. It does not and cannot line up with the Bible's teachings. I believe the Bible to be the inerrant word of GOD. Since there is a conflict between that and what Beck is espousing, I have a right to say so. That's what I commented on.

    If my son believed that he could survive a jump over the Grand Canyon on his bicycle would it be more loving of me to encourage that belief or to try to talk him out of it and to point out the problems with his belief?

    I answer to someone. Beck's beliefs may be sincere, but if they are wrong, they are wrong. The someone I answer to says, "Hey. You know the truth. Tell him." If I don't, I am in non-compliance and I will answer for it. What am I to do?

  5. Madpole,

    Glenn Beck and I disagree on religion as well, but -- as I said -- he gets it right when it comes to politics.

    I must also disagree with you: One CAN know for certain. If one is uncertain, then it's not faith, that's doubt.

  6. Madpole,

    I also agree with you: GOD does Love Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, First Responders and ALL HUMANS without exception.

  7. I thank God often for people like you.
    My uncertainty comes from blurred lines. Stealing food when real starvation is a foot. Killing a truly evil person to save lives.
    Living in a country that allows abortion on demand while starving an invalid to death.
    I served as an altar-boy and left my religion when tragedy struck. It took a lifetime for me to talk to God again and now after my Tyler died, I have only spoke to God once, but yet I still pray, not for me , but for others. If there is any doubt, it's on my part, I think God still believes in me.

  8. SCC - Yes He/She does. So does Eleanor Roosevelt.

    "“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

  9. Madpole,

    You said, "I think God still believes in me."

    Absolutely He does! He knows that even though you're hurting and even though it's tough right now, that there is still a place in your heart reserved just for Him and that, sooner or later, you'll open it up for Him again. Remember, he's not gone, He's still in there. It's just that the door is closed on your communicating with Him right now and He's waiting patiently for you to open that door. He knows your heart -- and you -- better than you know yourself. He's also very patient. (Has to be: He has servants like me.)

  10. USMC: Oh, my! I don't think Eleanor Roosevelt had you all pegged at all. After all, the "filthiest minds"? Nah. That's not exclusive to the Marines! ;-)

  11. My Faith is a personal matter...but one that I share from time to time. I was born into an evangelistic form of Christianity.

    My religion teaches that we have all sinned...and that the wages of sin is death. None of us will escape that penalty.

    However, by trusting that Jesus Christ died for my sins, I will one day be in the presence of God..and reside in Heaven for all eternity.

    My religion requires that I should testify about my faith to others. This does not mean forcing my beliefs, instead I merely must state how I have come to believe..and how it has affected my life.

    I am the first to say that following my example is not the best course...but my chosen course. The walk with Jesus and my faith is a straight line for him..I on the other hand tend to stray. I can always count on him to be there..he always has..and always will be.

    He is my strength and my rock...I have never failed when I have allowed him to guide me.

    As for Mormons...most of them are the greatest people I have ever met..They are kind..and giving..and at times have been beyond charitable to me. However...their beliefs are not mine...especially in those areas that matter.

    There were times when I should have been killed, I feel it was not in the plan for me to die during those times. I do feel he is waiting for me to do something important. Not for myself, but for others.

  12. For Two years MSNBC taking heads have been calling the TEA Party and TEA Party Members racists, KKK members, Timothy McVeigh's, terrorists and a bunch or other names I won't allow to be used on my website. When Rachael Maddox and Chris Mathews talk about the TEA Party if the KOCH bag fits wear it proudly, cause you ain't your grandfathers independent patriotic group, your the same old same old worn out contract against America and let the country fail and go bankrupt group o baggers..'
    The term bottom feeding teabaggers fits your group and their reletionship to their republican puppet masters very well.,., you and your ideals of the United states of Corporate trickle down teabaggters AMERIKA...I'm glad no matter how much you censore us you will loose and fade into a bad memory just lkike gingrich and the contract on amerika fox tv republi8can canabals,...

  13. Hey moron, you're on the wrong blog, that comment belongs on Morning Joe's surprise,

    What the, I gues it's to be expected from an early prototype of Obama Administration creates "FAKE PEOPLE"

  14. Grumpyelder,

    No. I think "Anonymous's" comment is on the correct blog. At least, for him/her it is. Any opportunity to call names and use spitballs is the right time for a Wrongie (If I'm "Far Right" he/she is "Far Wrong" = Wrongie.). They no more care what is being discussed, or what has been said than they care that obamination is trying to destroy America, the Greatest Country on Earth. This is just another example of how they "argue": name calling and spitballs = their intelligence level.

    Honestly, I feel sorry for them. If they had the intelligence level to be capable of carrying on an intelligent discussion of the facts, the quotes I used from my resources, or the things said in the comments, then maybe "Anonymous" would have done so. But, no. Amoebas do not have that capability and yet they go around doing the best they can. Admittedly, this "Anonymous" gives a very poor example, but it is his/her utmost so we must accept it and it will suffice. Poor, poor thing. Such a tragedy.


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