Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Gina and I are both keenly interested in the struggles that others have, and are presently enduring to achieve freedom.  The most dangerous part of securing your freedom is not the revolution...but the aftermath. History has demonstrated this time and time again.

As the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan begin the long and dangerous task of overthrowing their present slave masters...we pray that they do not make the mistake of allowing other slave masters to reattach the bonds of servitude.

Gina brings a unique perspective to the conversation.  She knows several people who live in Egypt.  She describes the Egyptians as sweet and caring people.

I personally believe this is true for your average Egyptian.  However, I am also aware that those who want power are seldom so sweet.

Gina's Video is from her perspective.

Mine is a bit less serious.

She did much better than I did.

We challenged each other to do a video for Egypt using the same song.  Enjoy.

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