Friday, January 28, 2011

Taco Bell


  1. This is fantastic news. I called a girlfriend the other day as soon as I saw the headline -- we were both very sad. As long as we don't think the meat in our Taco Supremes is rat/cat/dog/cockroach, we really don't care. Note to the jerks who brought the lawsuit: We are happy with are Taco Bell tacos as-is. We do not go to Taco Bell expecting high quality meats. We do not even go to Taco Bell expecting meat. We expect some sort of chemically formed meatlike product. And we're happy with it. If you don't like meatlike products, please choose another delicious fast food option available to you. Thank you!

  2. LMAO...I was thinking maybe horse. Nice to see it is indeed cow...and good to see them speaking out.

  3. Watch what you say Capt. Moos has friends, he invites them to his blogs every now and then


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