Friday, January 7, 2011

Quiz help

Gentle reader, today you are being asked to help me with a test. Here are the questions on the test. Can you name a company succeeds by rewarding failure and punishing success? Can you name a company that succeeds by allowing the least productive employees to set the pay of the most productive? How long will a company remain in business that changes its business model from one of rewarding success to one where success is punished and vilified and failure is rewarded and deemed the standard?


  1. More like an industry.. Government, regardless of level

  2. The banking industry. In spite of incompetence at the highest levels implementing fuzzy business practices, bailed out on taxpayer dollars, banks are giving the highest level of executives raises. Citibank is one example, stocks are low and still partially owned by taxpayers, but raises implemented anyways. We're talking about salaries of $347,222 to $750,000 PER MONTH. I'm not against big salaries, but to answer the question posed, this is an example of rewarding for poor performance.

  3. "Subsidizing poverty & failure only gets you more of both".

  4. My answers for the test question:
    1. General Motors
    2. Chrysler Motors
    3. U.S.P.S.
    4. UPS
    6. Public Education Union Workers.
    7. Any Union infected company.
    8. Any company that accepts government subsidies.
    9. Most Banks
    10. Insurance Companies.

  5. True SOL

    And Citi Bank got subsidzed several ways, it received TARP Funds, It has been allowed to aquire the assets of failed banks on very favorible terms. And it's one of the FED's privileged QE beneficiaries.

    Good pick DFTTS,

    DFTTS, did you Capts Panda Bear on News Forums?

  6. DFTTS does not visit the FT blogs or News Forums. DFTTS cannot re-establish membership, post to blogs, or receive FT emails.

    DFTTS reads and comments on several selected blogs accessed via the web from time to time. Grumpyelder happens to be one of these.

  7. That's Grumpy's News Forums.

    BTW; Thanks

  8. Wall Street and the Federal Government. They seem to be one and the same.


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