Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Old Lady is Alive, I think

I have been so far "out-of-pocket" that I almost didn't find myself.  My schedule and some health issues (fairly minor) have slowed me down.  I have deleted my blog, Musings of an Older Southern Lady because I can't seem to keep it current.  I also deleted Facebook (gasp!).  Simplify, simplify.  I will now try to read Grumpy's blog daily and wreak havoc as in the past.  Old Lady


  1. unleash the dog of war

  2. Not really, The Old Lady is an expert at a skill only the smartest of women ever figure out. She knows how to win an arguement before the guy realizes there was one, and get the result she wants, leaving the guy thinking it was his idea to begin with.

  3. Don't all wives have that power?

  4. Yeah, well my wife KNOWS what I think even before she tells me, um, what I think...

    Dang, she got me again.


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