Monday, January 17, 2011

The left proves it wants to play nice

Starting a few weeks before the November Elections the left stated begging for civility in political rhetoric and begging for everyone to be nice.  I guess it finally dawned on them that two and a half years of calling everyone who disagreed with them a racist, had done little more than double the number of Americans they were calling racists.  I think they also figured out they were about to get there butts kicked, and the people screaming, "WE WON, Shut the hell up and Get in the Back" would be saying it to them, instead of for them.  That takes the fun out of it.

The calls greatly intensified after the massacre in Tuscon, on the surface there was some justification for that, six people including a nine year old girl had been killed.  Thirteen others including a US Congresswoman had been wounded, some very seriously.  Since the carnage had happened at a political meet and greet, and since a US Representative had almost been killed liberals jumped to the conclusion it was motivated by political rhetoric.  After all their liberal leadership including former President Clinton had warned them it would happen.  As it turned out he only thing political about the shooting was the shooter hated the world. 

Even so the left went from asking the languge be cooled down to demanding it.  They even promised to turn the volumne dow on their side.  This Bill Maher video shows exactly how seriously they take that promise.

And Al Sharpton has a suggestion

Yep, they're saying Arizona should Secede


  1. And I told my mother that a man crossing his legs like that cuts off blood circulation. Bill crosses his twice like a pretzel and you can hear the results. A high pitched whine.
    Of course he'll never be a teabagger, he has no bag.

  2. Hey anonymous - How does it go? We bring a gun, you make up a bomb.... Isn't that barry's little buddy billy ayers MO? I suppose we better get bigger guns, and insure we are the best shots. I have that covered up to about 600 meters.

  3. SonOfLiberty (lost his password)

    "We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or perish as fools".
    Dr. Martin Luther King.

    Al Sharpton is correct "children are being seduced by this Gangsta Thug role models". Yesterday, my child turned on an uncensored Sirius Gangsta Rap station. A song came on and used the "N" word. I told him that was unacceptable to use and hit the search button to the next station. Still on the R&B/Hip-Hop Channel, the next song came (and I will substitute the word with a "Bigger" word) going something like this. . ."Bigger say what? Bigger do dis, Bigger do dat and if Bigger don't do it I pop him wit da cap". Hit the search button again and within 30 seconds the same old crap.

    What the Phuque am I supposed to say?

    Comedians (Black) are the same way. They can't seem to deliver a punch line without using it. What it amounts to is verbal littering of the airways.

    Maybe we need an Indian with a tear streaming down his cheek asking us all to stop littering the airways

  4. I won't argue with Sharpton on that.

    Will argue with the entire bunch of clowns who think Arizona shouldn't be a State

  5. We could always give it back to Mexico, I guess.


  6. Just when you think the Left couldn't possibly say anything dumber...they go and say that stuff and totally redeem themselves.

  7. Capt is it an aquired skill, or are they born that way?


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