Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Gonna Get Cha!!

"Don't wait.
Don't hesitate, 
For the battle has just begun.
Intimidate and dominate."

There's not enough to say,
There's not enough to do.
So we're gonna beat the badness out of you!

Hey, Hey you, 
get out of our way.
Because today is the day,
we will put you away!

American Cheerleaders

Animals do not understand death.  In fact, to an animal death of another is a blessing.  I remember while driving across Montana seeing a string of dead gophers on the highway.  They started at the yellow line and there was a dead gopher every six inches or so all the way to the shoulder.  It puzzled me until I saw one gopher at the end of the line chewing on one of his kin. Animals do not understand death.

That is most animals do not understand death.  Some, like the swan, mourns the death of its mate.  Death takes on a personal meaning for the swan.  We humans are that way, of course we are supposed to be higher thinking beings.  Death for us requires meaning, an explanation, the age old question of why these people...why now...who is to blame?

My cousin once had a cat that is best described by the politically correct term of ...Special.  The cat's head was always cocked to one side...and without warning...the cat would run full speed into the wall.  One moment the cat would be sitting there...its head cocked severely to one side...then would sprint into the wall.  It was amusing to watch.  She found the cat dead one day laid out against the wall.  My Aunt wondered what it died of?  My theory is maybe natural causes. If you live a dangerous lifestyle things are gonna get cha.

Humans require answers...we seek to understand death.  Ted Williams has his head in deep freeze.  He believed that in time a cure for death will be found.  Ted is only getting freezer burn....freezer burn has no cure.  Ted was old...and sick...his death was by natural causes.  This is easier for us to understand...but when the person is young...and the cause of death is by the hand of another human it is harder to understand.

I do not pretend to extend humanity to people I believe to be sub-human.  When a person intentionally causes the death of a child they are sub-human.  I do not care that they may be like my cousin's cat....special people of this sort must be removed from humanity in a distantly permanent (PC for dead) and exceptionally gruesome manner.  At this point you may be thinking I am not very are with it.

Six American's were killed and a congresswoman lies in a coma....because of a an insane person.  That person is responsible for their actions. I know that the less learned people of this nation need a reason for this act, but like my Cousin's was senseless.  

Some people, whom I consider nuts, try to tie the action of this nut to a political movement, or the words of others.  Probably the lamest argument I have ever heard to explain nuts.  Nuts...Loons...Bonkers People do not need a reason...their heads are not on straight.  

Enjoy the Video...and Yes...I am out to get cha!


  1. Thanks Capt, I knew you had something ready, was hoping you'd post..

    Great job, a bunch of people have been looking at everyone and everything, except Loughren's personal resposibility.

  2. Should have never let them get away with the Katrina lies, they feel they can lie with impunity now.

  3. Great Post. Capt I sure admire your creativity. Any chance you'll work on my 1040?

  4. Well gpabud...I got a C in best I can make the IRS smile...of course when they smile..we cry.

  5. So much for that idea..

    Thanks again, Capt.. It was time for someones opinion besides mine. I saw you'd posted last night, saw what you'd said and the video- grabbed an extra couple hours sleep this morning.

  6. Gpa, you can't trust a Pirate with your 1040. I'll help you. That's my job in another life. :)

  7. I do my taxes in crayon.

    Thanks Grumpy. ;)


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