Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The American Dream

I do not make New Year's resolutions, and once again...I haven't. I do make plans.  I am the best darn planner on this planet.  The military helped me hone those skills, among others. This is not about that plan...Unlike wacky privates, I can keep a secret. I will give you some hints.

I am picking issues that I believe are important for our state, and country. As always you are free to discuss these issues here, and on the various other websites I will post to. I'll let you know where and when.

So, on to the good stuff...my introductory video.  The song is American Dream.  The song was written in 1980 and is one of the many political songs written by Robert Lamm of the music group Chicago.  I like the song for its neutrality in terms of political party affiliation.  Which is the aim of my plan. Political neutrality....that does not mean I will not align with politicians from one party or another... it means that my focus will be on Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, Adherence to the Constitution, and limited Government.  Intelligent conversation...even argument is welcome...sadly...Florida Today seems to have a limited gene pool in that arena. Enjoy the video and thanks for your attention.


  1. Why do I think any hope, either party had that the TEA Party would fade away after the election is about to go up in smoke?

  2. When I helped form the group in Montana we were very clear that this was not about a single party..or a single politician..it was about reclaiming the fundamentals that has made America unique.

    It and remains clear this is not a one shot battle, but a long campaign to return us to the fundamentals of good government.

  3. Capt, I was registered as an Independent decades before it was fashionable..

    Very early on I hoped the TEA Party would become a National Political Party. After watching it for almost two years, unless it is forced to, I think it's more efective as it is now.

    I wouldn't rule out some kind of unification becoming necessaty at some point. For now, keep it just the way it is..

  4. I tried neutrality but one party in particular has made it it's mission to bust my balls.

  5. Madpole.. My politics aren't at all neutral. I just have no respect for either of the major parties.. I happen to support almost all of the basic TEA Party concepts, and consider myself more Tea Party than anything else. That doesn't mean I support all the individuals or all the groups that have been called TEA Party.

    I have a hell of a lot of respect for our resident TEA Party organizer as well as his ideas and beliefs.


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