Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home for Christmas

Brian Aitkens is home for Christmas..  New Jersey Governor Christie has commuted his sentence to time served.  He has been released and is home..

Jenna and Brian

Brian and his family

Jenna, Brian, Jennifer and Rob 

For those who don't know the story, Aitkens was sentenced to seven years for transporting a gun, legally.  Yes you heard right, he went to prison for obeying the law. The Judge in the case, James Morely refused to read jurors at Aitkens trail the pertainant sections of the law, even though they requested him to do so.   Morely was later removed from the bench for misconduct in other trials.. I believe Governor Christie should have gone a step farther and give Aitkens a full pardon and expunged his record instead of just commuting his sentence.  That discussion is for another time..For now Brian is home with his family and home for Christmas

This afternoon Jenna Marie Bostock, Editor-in-Chief of Alister & Paine, INC and a close friend of Brian Aitkens sent me some of the welcome home photos.  Jenna's efforts and hard work are one of the biggest factors in Brian's release.  The lady refused to give up.

I'm not sure who the little one is, I'm guessing it's Brian's son.

Looks like a very

Merry Christmas for

Brian, Jenna and Brian's Family

Hope they have many more


  1. You're right. Chris Christie only went halfway with that pardon. The record should have been expunged. The judge should have been immediately removed from the bench and a public apology should have been made to Brian and his family. The judge should have been made to pay Brian's attorney fees, too. Those would have been the right things to do.

  2. SCC... the judge was disrobed for misconduct in other cases. My guess is Christie didn't want to risk the opening this up to a third misconduct. If that were to happen, every poor SOB that was ever tried in fron of this judge would ask for an appeal.

    This way at least he's out and in a better position to fight the system,,, any hopefully get back some more of what he's lost.

  3. Great job at reporting a story that Floriduh Today would never have covered. There is no excuse for New Jersey period.

  4. Wouldn't be much of a loss... I've got a daughter in Jersey, but she's getting ready to move..


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