Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Canary in the Mine

The cloud that rains on everyone is called Political Correctness. It has been a successful liberal campaign beyond comprehension. It is one of the cleverest inventions in the history of warfare. How it works is by piggy-backing a malignant political tumor on a righteous host. If a nation supports a righteous cause such as civil rights for black Americans, the tumor feeds. The more support, the more it feeds. Today it no longer needs a host. It is gobbling up freedom like cancer eats a liver.

Let’s look at one of its early accomplishments. The anti-war movement of the 1960s was organized by overseas Marxists. The intention was to divide the country as it well did. But it also needed to unify its base. To do that it could not show its face but instead used the various civil rights movements as surrogates. One of the results was a completely new ethnic creation eventually called Hispanic.

The word was coined during the very liberal Nixon administration following up on the condescending concept of Affirmative Action dreamed up by the very liberal Lyndon Johnson. Affirmative Action was not legislation, but an Executive Order that never went away.

There were only 3 categories of American heritage at the time we decided to overcome segregation by segregating; black, white and other. In order to be affirmatively acted upon, you had to be black or other. This assumed that if you were black or other, you were basically incompetent and needed extra help—a liberal notion. The problem for those of Latin or Chicano ethnicity was that you either had to be black or white. Naturally, whites were excluded from Uncle Sam’s helping hand. This kind of fouled up the community as one might imagine.

In the early 1970s this was corrected by lumping all Spanish speaking people into the old Iberian term, Hispanic. Now white people of “Hispanic” origin could be oppressed as well and all were made happy. Today it is now possible for white Americans to be racist against white Mexicans simply by making white Mexicans “Hispanic”. The SPLC cannot express its appreciation enough.

It leaves a little slop however, because Brazilian-Americans come from a Portuguese speaking nation and there is no category for Portugilians or Brazugese. It also insults those of Greek of Italian ancestry because it gave Spain a free ride on the gravy train of incompetence. All, including Portugal are European (white) Mediterranean countries. Why must all of their emigrants have to be among the oppressors when Spain’s emigrants do not? What is so special about Spain?

Other noble causes such as education, the environment and labor all bring the PC cancer. Once the global warming frauds were exposed last year by leaking e-mails, the Marxists masters put out the word for their useful idiots (UI ) to attack the leakers. The spin was quite entertaining and the indignant huff over rights violations even more so. But we still have global warming, don’t we? So it worked. Look for a “breath tax” somewhere down the line.

A lot of retailers forbid their employees from wishing customers Merry Christmas. The reason stated is that they don’t wish to offend anyone. If the lie was anymore blatant maybe we could all accept it. The real reason is that those offended by the attack on Christmas are far less likely to burn your store down. You have to feed the beast but there’s little consequence in starving the kitten.The real reason to ban Merry Christmas is cowardice; but it’s also totalitarianism.

Banning employees from saying Merry Christmas puts Christmas in the same hole as that universal insult of two words even school kids now employ. Certainly it’s a fireable offence for an employee to hand a customer that two word phrase. Now Merry Christmas is a vulgar insult just as grievous. When did we cross that line?

Let’s go a little further and ask if it would be at all surprising if an employee wasn’t fired for the two word insult? It wouldn’t surprise me. Vulgar people have rights. Christmas promoters have problems.

The PC crusade has been so successful that we now have Marxists in Congress and the White House serving openly. Didn’t anyone hear even one of Jeramiah Wright’s sermons? Even Republicans can’t be counted on to understand or take seriously their Oath of Office.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is becoming more shrill. They are the propaganda arm of the Marxists. Their job is to dig up any conservative action, label it racist and pound the drum relentlessly. (Their offices were closed for Christmas.)

The ACLU’s job is more action oriented. They are the defenders of America’s domestic and now foreign enemies. They also attack Americans if they are brazen enough to exercise their rights. Both these groups are stepping up their efforts because their old methods are not working against a foggy, leaderless enemy called the Tea Party.

Those of us who see our freedom eroding should keep an eye on this struggle if not downright participate. Because it’s going to take some vigorous commitment to pry the PC claws off our institutions. We should be especially wary of Republicans. We may think they’re on our side but the truth comes out when they finally realize how much power they have and the personal rewards in selling strings to be pulled.

In the end, it’s the shadow government that rules. Those entrenched bureaucrats that chug on regardless of election results. Many of them are former elected officials now double-dipping and hob-nobbing with their former ideological enemies. It’s a scary and secret place down there because that’s where all the damage is done.

The Tea Party, if it can sustain itself is the biggest threat to a shadow because it exists in a smoky realm itself. The left attacks Glenn Beck relentlessly because he has developed some influence. He is the number one target because he is the most tangible threat. But this may be a trap. The left needs the Tea Party to have a leader and it’s not too wise to allow your enemy to choose your Generals. Beck may indeed emerge a leader but we should take care to make him so ourselves if that is to be. It’s doubtful he’d want it.

The Marxists’ second most prolific target is the yucky-shucky Sara Palin. She is a proven administrator and handles herself well. She would be an excellent leader were it not for her decision to become a celebrity. But she could serve in the leadership, just not at the top.

Both of these are being groomed by our enemies. They are definitely our people but are polarizing to the politically ignorant—a large chunk of American voters.

I will be watching Mario Rubio. So far the Marxists have been tepid. I want to see what he does once he discovers his power. I think he’s the canary in the mine. Let’s hope he comes out chirping. If not, you won’t see me on these pages anymore--or anyone else.

Dick Lancaster, December, 2010


  1. Nice, one of your best, in several ways;

    Few know how much influence the old Soviets had on the 1960s-70s anti war movement and how much of that influence has been passed down to the current crop of liberals..

    I've looked at the SPLC lists a few times.. noticed there is no such thing as a Islamic Terror Group..and almost no evil black organizations.

    Agree with you on Beck and Palin.. for the moment they're having fun and making money being obvious targets, not sure I'd want either in a major government power position.

    Could keep going, but I'll stop for now..

  2. "Rubio and Obama can agree on education reform

    Marco Rubio ran a campaign largely opposing President Barack Obama but there's one area where they may find common ground: education reform.
    Rubio spoke this week with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and got an overview of the administration's education initiatives and how they relate to Florida. "They discussed their mutual support for meaningful education reform, an issue area were Senator-elect Rubio believes the administration is going many positive things that he can cooperate on," spokesman Alex Burgos said.
    Jeb Bush has also been complimentary toward Obama on education, praising his support of merit pay for teachers and other reforms."

    Chirp, chirp from the canary w/script written from the shadows. Chirp, chirp, and chirp. I'm looking for a change of tune.


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